Carolina's Story

I am Alexander's mother and I was born in Bolivia. Things were very different where I come from. The school was very poor and we didn't have regular bathrooms, just stalls without doors and holes in the ground to squat over when we had to use them. Schools couldn't afford fresh milk or food for us, so we would get the spoiled milk from other schools. My home life was a bit better because we were the only other family in the neighborhood with a toilet and shower. The neighborhood was small and built on dirt roads. We weren't the poorest family but we couldn't afford to buy meat, diary products or milk. Even though we didn't have much, we always appreciated the little we had and took care of our things. We worked hard in school to better ourselves for a brighter future. Kids in America need to realize how much more they really have, how easy things are here and appreciate their lives. I hope my story gives some insight as to how life differs in other countries. Please love, honor and respect yourselves, teachers and family.
Read to Feed
A bovine can produce four gallons of milk per day. It is enough for an impoverished family to drink, share and sell of cash. A cow may earn funds for school, extra income, transportation, nutrition, fertilizer, medicine, and clothing. The gift of farm animals through Heifer International provides struggling families hope. Please join this crusade to help CHANGE the world. Here are the agents of change that helped contribute in donating a heifer.
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