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Approximately 13% of children have a developmental disability,
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My Autism Awareness wish…

There are so many reasons to accept Autism and make friends with it! This is the thinking behind, my Kid’s Coloring Books and the fabulous coming event!! The 1st Annual Show you Care~Be Aware
at California Burgers 353 E. Foothill Blvd. AZUSA, Cal.

We are bridging to each other and the community!! We are tired of isolation and no community events geared towards reaching out as friends. There are such growing numbers for people on the spectrum…it’s time the world became acquainted with us. Acquainted with real people with Autism and Aspergers
A powerful film directed by Janet Grillo, FLY AWAY narrates the story of Jeanne and her autistic teenage daughter, Mandy.

Huffington Post Review: Too many of us are so caught up in our own needs and desires that we sometimes cannot even see anyone else, let alone sympathize; and that is just one facet of life that is explored with great diligence in Fly Away.
A powerful statement to challenge public attitudes about autism.

AMC’s decision to showcase WRETCHES & JABBERERS echoes the powerful message of inclusion, and AMC’s commitment to improving the lives of all affected by autism.
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