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Autism is now the fastest growing disability, with a 97% increase from 1998 to 2002.
A creepy view about
what is autism
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One of the greatest misfortunes a parent will endure is to have
your child diagnosed with autism. It is a neurological disorder that affects communication, social and emotional development. Autism has become a societal issue. Due to better diagnosis, it is reported that California alone has 20,377 cases for this growing epidemic.

With continued prayer to find the causes of this growth defect,
only then will it be possible to use proper treatments to fight it. An immediate objective is simply to recognize autism at the earliest stage, and to give affected children the support they need to grow, learn and cope. Findings from Newsweek magazine states that 1 out of 166 lives have some degree of autism. Between Jan -Apr, 2004, California added 795 new cases of autism - representing an average of 11 new children per day!

What goes wrong in the autistic brain that leaves
children incapable of empathy?

What is the big idea with bugs and autism?
Terrific Traits
of People with Autism:

1. Seize the Day
2. Seldom Lie
3. Less Judge of Others
4. More Passion
5. Less Social Expectations
6. Have Good Memory
7. Less Materialistic
8. Unique Perspective
9. Few Hidden Agendas
10. Very Honest
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