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Family: Jeff, Liz,
Jake and Catherine
Jake loves dinosaurs
and has just developed an interest in tarantulas (mex. redknee is his favorite) and large insects. I am new to the hobby, although I have always loved them. We have a rose hair , green bottle blue, Brazilian black, Venezuelan sun tiger, and an Avicularia versicolor. Our family is
very active and has always enjoyed nature. We are a
Christian family and firmly
believe in the Lord.
Jake was diagnosed April 2002 with autistic
Sensory sensitivity to loud noises
(covers ears and shakes head), oral sensitivity
(licks inanimate objects and very picky eater),
self stem behavior (lick hands, finger flicks), constant
need for routine and sameness (has tantrums when plans are changed) and lack of eye contact.
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Jake's interests & skills: very good memory, is caring,
and shows great interest in making friends and he
learns very quickly, is easily redirected in
school environment, he is a rule follower (follows
all the rules with little to no flexability).