Strongest spider web are built by the golden orb-weaver of Papua New Guinea, constructed like a gigantic wheel measuring 5 feet across
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In 1970, rate for autism was 4 per 10,000 (1 case per 2,500 births). By 1997, the rate was 31 per 10,000 (1 case per 323 births), a 774 percent increase
** Androctonus amoreuxi
Yellow Fat-Tail Scorpion
** Androctonus australis
Yellow Thick Tail Scorpion
** Androctonus mauritanicus
Fat Tail Scorpion
Babycurus jacksoni
Rusty Thicktail Scorpion
Buthacus leptochelys nitzani
Egyptian Green Scorpion
Centruroides gracilis
Brazillian Bark Scorpion
Centruroides vittatus
Striped Bark Scorpion
Hadrurus arizonensis
Desert Hairy Scorpion
Hadogenes paucidens

Olive Keeled Flat Rock Scorpion

** Beware Highly Toxic
Venom is considered

medically significant
and dangerous.
NOT for beginners.
Hottentotta trilineatus
Tanzanian 3lined Bark Scorpion

** Leiurus quinquestriatus
Death Stalker Scorpion
Pandinus cavimanus
Red Claw Scorpion
Pandinus imperator
Emperor Scorpion
Parabuthus leiosoma
Blacktip Thicktail Scorpion
Opistophthalmus wahlbergi
Tri-color Scorpion
Opistopthalmus glabrifons
Yellow Creeping Scorpion
Tityus serrulatus
Brazillian Devil Scorpion
Vaejovis spinigerus
Devil Striped Tail Scorpion

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Pronunciations Source: American Tarantula Society