Genus Meaning:

Species meaning:

Androctonus australis
aan-DRAK-tuh-nuhs au-STRAA-luhs
Yellow Thick Tail Scorpion
One of the world's most dangerous species with venom strong enough to kill an human within two hours, with no anti-venom available in the U.S. Make sure the container it is in is escape-proof and only for the most advanced keeper. From the deserts throughout Africa, this terrestrial consumes crickets, mealworms, and other large insects.
Full grown size up to 3 inches with a very slow growth speed.

* A.australis
* A.bicolor
* A. mauritanicus
* L.quinquestriatus
* Beware Highly Toxic
Venom is considered
medically significant
and dangerous.
NOT for beginners.
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