If you are in doubt and asking yourself is this a really good conversational piece. Think about this: "HELL YES IT HURTS." in big bold red letters. In one tattoo parlor, that sign "HELL YES IT HURTS." is the first thing you see and it is a stinging reminder as each needle punctures thru your skin.

Georges Brossard, our favorite bugmeister, from the Insectia Documentaries www.insectia.com, shares his Pain Scale from his expeditions. So before you get permanently inked, here is Brossard's TOP TEN in PAIN.

10. Mosquitoes &
Black Flies
Mosquito stinging and the bloodsucking black flies (family of the Simuliidae) mouth parts with the shape of a very fine needle

9. Horse and
Deer Flies
Horse fly or deer fly armed with mouthparts as sharp as razor blades and a cutting bite

8. Tarantulas
Tarantulas, (family of Theraphosidae), seldom harmful than a wasp sting, however, the venom of some of the South American can be more hazardous.

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