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7. Paper Wasps
Paper wasp (Polistes wasp-Vespidae) three times more painful than a bee sting.
6.  Assassin Bugs
A spear-shaped rostrum and an unbelievably painful sting, like receiving an electric shock that lasts 10 minutes, according to Georges.  

5. Tropical Ants
Powerful mandibles and a stinger with two venom glands at the tip of their abdomen and a mean attitude, it can inflict a sting five times more painful than a bee and last weeks.
4. Tarantula Hawk Wasps
Simply enormous with bodies attain a length of 8 cm and a wingspan of up to 15 cm! It can floor a tarantula, but it can also bring a man lto his knees, with unbearable pain.
3.   Velvet Ants
Wingless and with a coat of velvety hair, have very long and powerful stingers

2. Scorpions
With a hollow, curved stinger containing two venom glands at the tip of the tail, they whip their tail forward and sink their stinger into the intruder with amazing accuracy, causing a pain ten times more intense than a bee. Neurotoxic venom of certain Egyptian and Mexican species can be life threatening.

1. Centipedes
Due to natural evolution, the forelegs are modified into tapered hooks with poisonous glands. Centipedes can attain a length of 27 cm. Bites are not particularly dangerous but can cause an inflammation that may degenerate into a superficial necrosis that can be difficult to treat

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