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An immediate goal is to recognize autism at an early stage, and to give the affected child the support they need to learn how to cope.
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The Car Club
Autism Awareness: Nice colt and Derby winner
helps owner focus on developmental disorder by Mike Brunker

Autism Awareness, the colt with the consciousness-raising name won the $150,000 El Camino Real Derby at odds of 62-to-1. Johnny and Hedieh Taboada, the horse's owner, named the horse to raise awareness about the developmental disorder afflicting their 8-year-old son
NY Yankees
N.Y. Yankees Host Autism Awareness Night
Xn would like to recognize the efforts of the Autism Society of America and the New York Yankees efforts to increase awareness about the 1.5 million people with autism. The Yankees hosted "Autism Awareness Night" on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2003 against the Kansas City Royals. Through the joint efforts of the Yankees and the organization Baseball for Autism Awareness, the first-ever event to help the public know about the millions of people with autism and their families was hosted.
Best Buy
Go to Best Buy, Help Cure Autism Now!
Best Buy Torrance and Westminster Stores will donate more than $10,000 to Cure Autism Now. Cure Autism Now has partnered with the newly remodeled Best Buy Torrance and Westminster stores in its mission to find effective treatments and a cure for autism. Schedule and attend an appointment with a personal "Hook Me Up!" and Best Buy will contribute $100 to Cure Autism Now. A total minimum donation of $10,000 is guaranteed, but the amount could be much higher-depending on you!
"I like having you for my big brother".
Rain Man starring Dustin Hoffman & Tom Cruise (1988)
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