This class is participating in the Read to Feed and we'd like to invite you to join! Read to Feed is a program of Heifer International that encourages children to be part of our mission to end hunger and poverty and to assist families around the world.
Contributions | $1,625.00
Heifer International
Read to Feed

6th graders who have joined the crusade to end hunger and poverty. Heifer International donates livestock for the impoverished and these students have taken action in the community to helping others in need.

Share Awareness & Inspire Responsibility
to help everyone stay focused that make work & life better.
by Keith Wow Wu
by Awesome Amanda Lopez
Gritty Garcia | POEM
Heifer is a huge life saver
Reading continues the favor
Giving an animal can give food
Helping others can put you a good mood.
Your donations can be a tool
The animal provides enough for school
From Africa, Asia and beyond us
Don't take for granted, be just.
You can give bees for honey
Or cows with milk for money
Ducks that quack or loud geese
Plus a sheep, that has some fleece.
Every penny, every dollar
Makes world hunger a bit smaller
Go Heifer, grab my rope
Read to feed & give hope
Gritty Garcia
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