In 1995, 1 in 500 children had autism.
In 2000, 1 in 250 had autism,
today 1 in 88 will be diagnosed.
Contributions | $1,625.00
Heifer International
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Children recruit sponsors for each book they read. At the end of the program, the class pools its funds and donates them to Heifer to assist families around the world. 
Contributions | $1,400.00
Xn total donations to
Cure Autism Now Foundation

I would like to recognize all those who have supported, contributed and continued their involvement to aid this creepy campaign. I thank you for your prayers and encouragement. To my family members who sacrificed their time, this crusade would not continue to exist without them. I salute you all for making a difference.
To those who have a difficulty with this unorthodox method, I hope we can find a way to cooperate in the near future. With continued support and feedback, XNism will continue to walk a mile to see an inch of progress.

Our mission is to
support other families with this incurable disorder by educating and alerting the public. Our motto is "Stay Informed, Get Involved...may all the creepy creatures be put to good purpose(tm)." The bug hobby is educational, enjoyable and family oriented, which I'm utilizing as a vehicle to raise awareness to support this campaign to find the cause for autism. Help make a difference for hundreds of thousands of families and share why it is important to search for answers by increasing funds for autism research.
Those diagnosed possess too many skills, intelligence and capabilities to be considered disabled.

Enjoy the hobby and join the crusade.
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