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Donate your time or money to the cause.
Participate in your local autism events.
Help raise funds to increase awareness.
Become a sponsor to help educate.
Prayers for successful family efforts.
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Our mission is simple, stay informed and get involved. We all can do a lot more to
help but it takes your actions and contributions to help increase federal funding for research and greater media awareness for the families affected by autism.

No Known Cause. No Known Cure.
A cure for autism has remained elusive since it was first diagnosed over 50 years ago.  The way to rescue these afflicted children is through awareness, education and participation. Only then that these children may realize their full potential as members of our society.

In the 50's there was polio and in the 80's there was the AIDS virus. It is a growing epidemic (Symptoms and Behaviors) and it is increasing at an alarming rate. I am asking to increase your efforts, to find the causes of autism and consider your local Autism group near you as part of your charitable giving this year.

Choose a way to get involved and the most important way you can support, please consider all people as competent, capable and that they truly
belong in our society.

Males are four times more likely to have autism than females.
"Imagine you were in a foreign, noisy and crowded city at night, not understanding the language spoken, recognizing a few words but not really comprehending situations taking place around you, wanting to express a need for help but not being able. This experience may begin to help you relate to what a child with autism feels on an ordinary day."
Gihan Ramadan
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